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About us

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Evaluation

We bring cultural values into the mainstream of public policy making. We are one among a few organisations in Australia and the Global South (Asia, the Pacific and Africa) working at the cutting edge of diversity, equity and inclusion in evaluation. We focus on culturally responsive, equity focused evaluation, participatory and collaborative evaluation, systems thinking, developmental and  empowerment approaches. Cultural responsiveness focuses on incorporating cultural, structural, and contextual factors (e.g., historical, social, economic, racial, ethnic, gender,  different ages, abilities and disabilities, religions, cultures and sexual orientations) using participatory processes that shift power to communities. Cultural responsiveness advances equity by informing strategy, program improvement, decision-making, policy formation, and change.

Culture is multifaceted. It represents an intersection of identifications held by individuals plus identifications of collective groupings such as organisations, institutions, communities, societies, and nations.

It is our job to support you to understand the issues faced in multicultural communities, when it comes to the cultural context surrounding resources that accompany programs and services.

We provide you with services that contribute to societal improvement and societal betterment, to social action and social change for public good through:

  • Workshops
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation
  • Design implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes
  • Providing specialist advice in matters specific to the multicultural sector

We support you to respond with evaluations and policies that are human-centred, diverse, inclusive and equitable for public good. [Read More]