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Why the logo?

We decided buck the trend of playing it safe with a corporate logo and designed a logo that reflects history, diversity, intercultural creativity, innovation and diffusion.

The logo is based on collage technique first used in China around 200 BC when paper was invented. It gained popularity in 10th century Japan when calligraphers began to use texts on surfaces when writing their poems. This technique spread to medieval Europe when gold leaf panels, gemstones and other precious metals started to be applied to religious images, icons, and coats of arms. 18th and 19th century examples of collage art can also be found in the works of Picasso and Braque.

More recently we’ve seen collage in punk culture and among hobbyists for memorabilia (e.g. applied to photo albums) and books (e.g. Hans Christian Andersen, Carl Spitzweg), for example.