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We make multiculturalism a key dimension of mainstream design implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes. We also add value by providing specialist expertise to the multicultural sector.

Our Panel consists of two groups of experts. The first group is a collaboration of academics and practitioners from business, science, government, the not-for-profit sector and philanthropy, all of whom have extensive experience in evaluation, mixed methods social inquiry, the study of religion, interculturality, criminology, social cohesion, language policy in education and employment.

Central to this team is a panel of lived-experience multicultural researchers and evaluators who speak a range of languages and dialects.  In Australia, an intercultural space exists between the First Nation Australians, British colonialism and a mix of migrant cultures. Navigating this space takes the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team.   

This combined expertise enables us to deliver culturally responsive end-to-end evaluations informed by mixed methods designs.